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◆ Exquisite ◆ A5 domestic black cattle with wagyu! Premium all-you-can-eat meal plan ⇒ all 107 items 2 hours 4380 yen (excluding tax)

◆ Exquisite ◆ A5 domestic black cattle with wagyu! Premium all-you-can-eat meal plan ⇒ all 107 items 2 hours 4380 yen (excluding tax)

4380 yen

※ tax excluded ※ elementary school student aged 65 years and over ⇒ 2190 yen (excluding tax), less than elementary school ⇒ free

  • 107items
  • 245persons

A5 ranked domestically produced Kuroge Wagyu beef 4 etc are all-you-can-eat floor plan! ★ Our sticking commitment ★ All-you-can-eat meat such as domestic Japanese beef of 4 kinds of A5 rank! Everything you want to share with SNS without thinking ♪ Domestic Japanese Black Wagyu A5 Special Meat · Domestic Japanese Black Wagyu A5 Loose Grilled Suki · Shabu Shabu, Top Calbi · Upper Loose · Beef Tongue Salt · Four kinds of change burn, Senmai stab, Ultimate broiled Yukke etc. All 107 items.※ The photograph is an image


★ All you can eat ★

Three kinds of sauce (sauce, salt sauce, salt onion sauce, onion sauce)

At the beginning of all you can eat all meat assortment will be served at our specialty meat "Bokkusu"!


· Domestic Japanese black beef A 5 special meat

· Japanese domestic black beef cattle A5 special wasabi shabed meat

· Domestic Japanese black wagyu beef A5 on loin roasting ~ with eggs ~

· Domestic Japanese Black Wagyu beef A5 above Calbi Grilled Shabu - Oroshi Ponzu ~

<Grilled meat and hormones>

· Top Calb · Negi Salt Loose · Top Loose · Yannyom Calvi

· Horny · Horny · NIKULAB beef tongue · scallioned beef tongue

· NIKULAB Calbi · NIKULAB loose · Jar in pickles · Calvi · Harami

· Pork ribs · Pork ribs · Tintoro · chicken pepper · chicken sand liver · chicken slaughter etc.

<Changing burning>

Four kinds of tomato chili, Italian herb, Arlio Orio · Arabiata

Pork ribs / Tintoro / chicken thigh / chicken sand liver / chicken slaughter etc


· Round barrel · cow lever · Tetchan · Kotcha

<Grilled vegetables & others>

- Grilled vegetable platter

· Garlic oil · Cheese fondue sauce


· Sangchu · Korean paste

<Appetizer & salad>

Semai piercing, roasting Yukke - low temperature cooking -

Chinese cabbage Kimchi / Kakutaki / Oikimuchi / bean sprouts Namuru / Komatsuna Namuru / Primae Namulu

/ NIKULAB salad / potato salad / Hakata gobo heaven and tofu salad

<One item>

· Seafood Timimi · French Fries · Chicken Deep-fried Chicken · Hidden Cow Streak Braised

· Chijimi Margherita · Quattro Formage Chijimi · Sand Liver Escargot

<Soup> <Rice food>

· Egg soup · Yukke jan soup

· Shokuhan (large, medium, small) · Koppa · ​​bibimbap · Yukkei Jumpopper · bibimbap

· Tomato cold noodles · Korean cold noodles · Stone-grilled bibimbap


· Yuzu gelato · vanilla gelato · black honey · kinako ice · torori · apricot tofu etc.

■ Notes on all you can eat

※ We will serve you platter at the beginning of all you can eat ※ Please eat baked good well before you eat.※ Customers food allergy is a concern, please tell us to staff.※ All you can eat is ordered in the same course for the entire group.※ All you can eat is 120 minutes (Last order is 30 minutes ago).※ Ordering will be limited to participating persons per item per order in one order.You can order as many times as you like, but for ordering at the time of last order you will be 1 drink per person ※ Please refrain from excessive food leftovers.

Reservation deadline
Visit of hope the day before until 17:00
Available days for reservation
Monday - Sunday - Public holidays - Holidays

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