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◆ Standard ◆ Recommended for first-time people! Light meat eating all-you-can-eat plan ⇒ All 61 items 2 hours 2980 yen (excluding tax)

◆ Standard ◆ Recommended for first-time people! Light meat eating all-you-can-eat plan ⇒ All 61 items 2 hours 2980 yen (excluding tax)

2980 yen

※ tax excluded ※ elementary school student aged 65 years and over ⇒ 1490 yen (excluding tax), less than primary school student ⇒ free

  • 61items
  • 245persons

Recommended introductory plan to customers first used! ★ Our commitment ★ More delicious meat of the selection! Refreshing gastronomic using seasonal ingredients! Calvi and loose, Harami and Pork Toro, Tomatochiri and Italian herbs There are 61 varieties including four varieties such as Dane etc as well as meat as well as appetizers, salads, chijimi, Kappa deer and vanilla gelato.※ The photograph is an image


★ All you can eat ★

Three kinds of sauce (sauce, salt sauce, salt onion sauce, onion sauce)

At the beginning of all you can eat all meat assortment will be served at our specialty meat "Bokkusu"!

<Grilled meat and hormones>

· NIKULAB Calbi · NIKULAB loose · Jar in pickles · Calvi · Harami

· Pork ribs · Pork ribs · Tonero · Onion sweet tongue · Pork tongue of fire - chili peppers ~

· Pig tongue of tears ~ Wasabi ~ · NIKULAB 3 kinds of sweet tongue assorted · wiener

· Chicken thigh · Chicken sand liver · Chicken thief

<Turnover ~ Tomatochiri ~>

~ Four kinds of tomato chili, Italian herb, arlio oillio · arabiataa ~

Pork ribs / Tintoro / chicken thigh / chicken sand liver / chickenling


· Tetchan · Kotchan

<Grilled vegetables>

· Grilled vegetable platter (cabbage · onion, eringi, corn)

<Baked Aluminum>

· Garlic oil


· Sanchu ~ with special selection Miso ~ · Korean paste

<Appetizer & salad>

Assorted three varieties of Chinese cabbage kimchi / kakutaki / eikimuchi / kimchi

Bean Sprout Namul / Komatsuna Namuru / Prima Namulu

Namul's 3 types of assortment / Edamame / NIKULAB Salad ~ Choregi Salada style ~

<One item>

· Seafood dish · French fries · Deep-fried pickled chicken

<Soup> <Rice food>

· Egg soup

· Shokuhan (large, medium, small) · Koppa · ​​bibimbap


· Yuzu gelato · vanilla gelato

■ Notes on all you can eat

※ We will serve you the first of all you can eat ※ Please use tongs when baking raw meat.※ Grill the pottery well before you eat.※ Customers food allergy is a concern, please tell us to staff.We prepare various condiments ※.※ All you can eat is ordered in the same course for the entire group.※ All you can eat is 120 minutes (Last order is 30 minutes ago).※ Ordering will be limited to participating persons per item per order in one order.You can order as many times as you like, but for ordering at the time of last order you will be 1 drink per person ※ Please refrain from excessive food leftovers.

Reservation deadline
Visit of hope the day before until 17:00
Available days for reservation
Monday - Sunday - Public holidays - Holidays

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